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Eclair Strategy

Our experts assist you and give you insight into your investment projects in Africa. 
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Eclair Business Tourism

Make you discover all the investment opportunities while discovering the beauty of your destination.
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Eclair Health

We support health organizations in their communications strategies and education campaigns.
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Eclair Interpreting

Remove all the barriers of the language thanks to our team of expert linguists, able to make you understand in 7 LANGUAGES!
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Let us help you make the installation of your business and your investment in Africa a success Our ambition is to make your investment in Africa a success and guide you ... at competitive price.


Reliable business for all administrative procedures for investment in Africa
1. Customized approach we will accompany you with a suitable lighting.
2. Agility Without Borders Africa is at your hand .
3. Innovation and competence We adopt an evolving approach in a world in constant change.